Weekly Roundup: Paperbacks Making a Comeback

By Jorteh Senah

Books are being celebrated despite the popularity of e-books


Book Tower
Photo courtesy of Alan Levine


With the advent of digital books, there’s been a push by book purists to celebrate the nostalgia of paperback books.


In the first installment of our Weekly Roundup, we celebrate all things books, including vintage comic books, book design and book art.  Book lovers should also check out websites like Tumblr’s Book Porn and Bookshelf Porn.


One sweet find that hit the web recently was a Marvel comic book published in 1976. “The Mighty Marvel Comics Strength and Fitness Book” features your favorite superheroes doing your favorite exercise routines.


But if you’re more of the couch potato type, check out this chair made of recycled books by designer Alvaro Tamarit. Like the Tamarit design, books were also the main material used in Alycia Martin’s stream of instillations art exhibit.


Ultimately, books are meant to be read and Penguin Books wanted the hardcovers of their Great Food series to be just as sumptuous as the meals featured in them, so they hired Coralie Bickford-Smith to design them.


For those who enjoy reading about their favorite foods, or in this case drinks, the Starbucks Espresso Journey features a library of literature about coffee. The venue is based in Tokyo and was designed by the architecture firm nendo. Of course, each floor features a Starbucks coffee shop.


So while digital books may be more convenient to store and transport, paperbacks definitely have the edge in terms of art, design and history

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