Loco Ninja: A Rapper, Who Happens to Be Gay

By Jorteh Senah

New York emcee strives to inspire others in the LGBT community. 

gay rap music
As a gay man, Loco Ninja is an anomaly in the hip hop scene. Photo: Anna Halkidis.

Many artists use hip-hop to address what matters to them, but some voices are muted in comparison to others. The LGBT community is yet to produce a rapper who has broken into the mainstream. Still, the LGBT rap scene is a substantial one, with a roster of talented artists as reported by Details magazine recently.Rap music has always provided a platform for artists to speak about their experiences. Whether it is Jay-Z’s tales of drug dealing in the “crack era” of the 1980s, or Eminem’s cathartic rhymes about his troubled relationship with his mother, rap’s mantra has always been “keep it real,” whatever that reality may be.

Loco Ninja, one of those gay rappers, has a lot of stories to tell and his music covers universal issues as well as those facing the LGBT community. Check out his video interview below:

Video produced by Anna Halkidis

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