Whole Foods Market brings ‘Dosateria’ for South Asians

Photo Courtesy Rebecca S., on Yelp.com

By Madhura Karnik

Natural foods grocery chain, Whole Foods Market, is trying to woo the South Asian population in New York City. The store recently started a unique restaurant, Dosateria, which serves the South Indian delicacy of ‘Dosa,’ or light crepe in English. The dish is served at the store’s Tribeca location in Manhattan. Until now, Whole Foods only served Indian food in its daily buffets.

The new fusion restaurant is a 25-seat Dosa bar, which serves the Indian snack with an American twist. Along with traditional fillings  in the Dosa, the restaurant also serves westernized fillings like butter chicken and brie, tofu masala, coconut shrimp or meatball with avocado and jack cheese.

Michael Sinatra, public relations manager for Whole Foods Market in the northeast, told the New York Times that if the restaurant is successful in its first location, Whole Foods would take Dosateria to other stores as well.

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