BK Biz Owners Offer Sweet Relief to Rwandan Women

Image courtesy of Miss Cartier via Flickr

By Daisy Rosario

The owners of a Brooklyn ice cream shop are helping women in Rwanda open their own store, DNAinfo reports. Jennie Dundas and Alexis Miesen, the owners of Blue Marble Ice Cream in Brooklyn, think that the kind of aid going to Rwanda was missing an important aspect. The country is still feeling the effects of the 1994 genocide. While much of the aid Rwanda receives goes to basics like clean water and mosquito nets, “there weren’t initiatives for nurturing the spirit,” said Dundas. The two entrepreneurs raised $80,000 for the project from supportive Brooklyn neighbors and small foundations. A documentary about the projects, “Sweet Dreams,” is premiering this Sunday as part of the DocNYC festival in New York City.

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